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Rafael Clark, DPD has completed more Teeth in a Day cases, start to finish, with same day surgical conversion, than any other provider in our area.  Rafael leads discussion and training with doctors and implant companies locally and nationally on this topic as the only denturist in the world to be recognized as a KOIS specialist provider.  He has built a restorative center equipped with a specialized clinical and laboratory team, to work with you or your current dentist to ensure you have the most convenient and expert care available as you venture into this life changing solution.  Rafael is endorsed by every major implant company that offers teeth in a day solutions as a lab partner and conversion specialist, working with only the most trusted and respected surgeons in the area. Rafael will help you take out the guess work in dentifying the right provider for your specific needs, personality, schedule and location.  Call us for your free consultation TODAY!

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More stable and retentive than other over-dentures, this is a tension design solution wherein copings are precision milled and processed into the denture or partial to securely fit into place over custom abutments attached to either a dental implant or your own natural prepped tooth. This can be utilized to eliminate clasps in a partial denture design, create a removable implant bridge, or secure a complete denture on implants that fits securely without adhesive.  This maintenance free, incredibly retentive design has been a top choice in Europe for decades, but has only been available here in the U.S. sparingly.  Our master technician, hailing from Germany, has been designing these exclusively for us for several years, and we are now cad cam capable to custom design these solutions digitally for even more precise fit and comfort on new or current implants!

Fixed Removable Telescopics


Sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it?  But it’s true!  These dentures are fixed into your mouth without adhesive utilizing retentive attachments fixed atop your dental implants that snap or lock into place inside the denture.  Various levels of retention can be achieved on as few as two implants.  There are several different attachment designs and connection styles for this type of solution, come discuss them with us today!

Fixed Removable Over-Dentures

This incredible solution is like having your real teeth.  The final denture is enhanced for strength and longevity with a titanium bar substructure custom designed into the denture .  As few as four implants can be used for this incredible restoration and can be loaded the same day your implants are placed!  The denture is secured with screws into the implant abutments and can only be removed by your provider.  This should be done once a year for cleaning underneath, however, in the meantime, you have full function on a denture that doesn’t move or have to be taken out every day!  It feels like your own teeth again!  Steak anyone?

Screw Retained Appliance..."Perfect Smile Solution"

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Perfect Smile Solution